Collocations with Prepositions

Verb-Preposition Collocations 4

In the previous module, you practiced using prepositions with personal pronouns (von ihm, bei euch) or da-compounds (davon, dabei…). In this module, we look more closely at how da-compounds are used as reference words.

Activity 1

Read corpus examples (a) and (b) below paying special attention to the parts of text to which the da-compound refers.



Which rule best reflects the difference between the sentence sets (a) and (b)?

Activity 2

Da-compounds more frequently link the prepositional verb to a following clause (sentence set (b) in Activity 1 above) than to a preceding clause or sentence (sentence set (a) in Activity 1). Look at the corpus examples below paying special attention to the type of clause that follows the da-compounds.vpc 4.2

Which rule best describes clause patterns that can follow da-compounds?

Activity 3

On your own. Review the corpus examples in the activities above and then write five sentences about yourself with da-compounds that link a prepositional verb to a following clause. Then create a related question that you might want to ask your classmates. Refer back to module VPC 1 for a list of possible verbs.

For example:

Ich träume davon, dass ich im Sommer nach Deutschland reise. OR
Ich träume davon, im Sommer nach Deutschland zu reisen. Und wovon träumst du?